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    The videos now have both captions and chapter. Hover over the video to see the Chapter titles. Technique Today we worked on timing of steps: walking double time, and side-to-side in double time. These formed the basis for the baldosa transfer pattern. For leaders, the new concept is creating follower’s pivot and steps using only…

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    Technique Leader: in paradas, make measured foot contact such that the follower can pivot comfortably. This means usually touching the fore-foot but not the heel. Leader: adjusting the angle of the sandwich by the amount of torsion at the onset. It is possible to complete a full turn with consecutive sandwiches (see sequence today). Transfer…

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    The theme of the class is navigation. For leaders, the class introduced options to: The video today has captions that annotate where each of these sections begin and end. You can turn them on using the toggle on the lower left.

  • 2023-02-23

    Technique Vaivén in 4 variation, turning 90 degrees anti-clockwise. Followers tapping at the ankles to mark the rebounds. Leaders elevating slightly on the backward step, follower matching the elevation. Follower reading more accurately by reading more with the left hand, and with the intention of staying within the elbows. Sequence We worked on forward ochos…