Tango Resources

This is a work-in-progress, and temporary. We are looking to create companion “notes” for classes, and these resources will be “wrapped” into this.

Spotify Playlists

I compiled many Tango playlists, as each listener/dancer needs something different in their journey.

Discover Tango

The first playlist here is for you who is listening to tango for the first time, or taking your first lessons (like our in-studio Discover Tango course). I selected these fourteen songs to show:

  1. the broad range of expressions under the Tango umbrella, and
  2. characteristic singers (e.g., Carlos Gardel) and instrument sounds

From rhythmic to lyrical, traditional to almost-electronic, instrumental to vocal, this is a good first exposure. In the future I’ll expand on what to listen for in each of these songs.

Ladies’ Technique Study Group

Rhythmic Opportunities

These songs work well with developing your pique. I chose these songs for the Ladies’ Technique Study Group’s January session.