2012-02-18 Novice


Walking for followers

Project leading foot. Allow the trailing feet to draw on floor; no need to rush to close. Bend slightly support leg to put weight on front-half of foot.

Embrace / forward ocho

Leaders can learn to lead less fully; give the first 20% of the signal and allow the follower to complete the rest. Be careful about extending the left hand, thus pushing away the follower.

Followers be mindful to match the size, direction, and speed of the forward ocho.


Ocho x 3

Starting with a side-step to the left, lead directly an ocho (to 8 o’clock), then ocho (to 5 o’clock, by stepping back, keeping open legs). A third ocho brings back torso-to-torso. Emphasize close connections and “dancing inside”.

Sandwich and Reversing a Parada-pass

The first part, up to the second ocho, is the same as above. From the open (equal weight on both legs) position after the 5 o’clock ocho, lead a backward ocho (it feels somewhat like a batido) and sandwich the feet. Step back for the follower to sandwich. Lead to pass the leg, stopping before completing the backward leg crossing over; bring her back by raising the level and putting back.

Sandwich again by stepping up. Side step to equilateral triangle; pivot together and allow the follower to sandwich the other leg. Lead a side step for the follower for the other equilateral triangle. Pivot together again and walk in two tracks.

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