Vaiven in 3

Leaders use small torso rotations to lead the side-to-side movements of the follower. This happens at the same time as the stepping back.

Followers is not just changing weight, but shifting off-axis, tapping at the ankle.

Better Sacadas

For better entry to sacadas, start with the follower to the left of the Leader (as opposed to being in front or on the right). This can be achieved by planning the forward steps: closer to Follow’s track, and assert the positioning to the left.


Vaiven galore

[(Vaiven in 3) x 3] -> [(vaiven in 4 turnaround) x 2] -> vaiven in 4 (helter-skelter) -> cross

Pepito c/ Opposite-side sandwich

Start basico with backward step, take side-step with Leader’s mini-voleos. Advance to cruxada in cross system, placing Follower on left (see “better sacada”).

Lead forward ocho / sacada -> lead side-step / sacada. (That is, first two parts of giro.) Pivot together with a mini-enrosque for the leader, stepping left leg forward to the outside (pinky toe) side of the Follow’s feet. Step right leg up, placing the Follower’s feet in an opposite-side sandwich (where the feet is trapped by the Leader’s pinky toe). Pause. Breath.

To resolve the sandwich, step back and lead a parada.

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