Vaivén in 4 variation, turning 90 degrees anti-clockwise. Followers tapping at the ankles to mark the rebounds. Leaders elevating slightly on the backward step, follower matching the elevation.

Follower reading more accurately by reading more with the left hand, and with the intention of staying within the elbows.


We worked on forward ochos variations that starts from interrupting after the forward step. A normal forward ocho: pivot -> step -> pivot. Today we did pivot -> step / rebound -> [options], and worked on this for both open and closed sides.

Most of the options today involves a subsequent travel step at an acute angle with significant torsion. These are resolved in either continuation in the same direction (like a giro), or pivot in place that results in a forward ocho in the other angular direction. One of the non-travel option is a calesita with the extended front leg.

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