2023-03-04 Novice


Leader: in paradas, make measured foot contact such that the follower can pivot comfortably. This means usually touching the fore-foot but not the heel.

Leader: adjusting the angle of the sandwich by the amount of torsion at the onset. It is possible to complete a full turn with consecutive sandwiches (see sequence today).

Transfer patterns

Basico Cruzado (cross basic step)

The cross basic step is similar to the basico. The difference is that after the first side-step, the leader changes weight silently without letting the follower aware. This weight change result in both dancers with free left leg.

The next two forward steps are simultaneous for the couple. The leader brings the follower into a cross by asserting with forward chest.

Vaivén in 3, Mingo Pugliese style

Three steps in succession (quick quick slow), with optional pause on the third step. For leaders,

  1. right foot outside track,
  2. left foot outside track,
  3. Side-step to the right.

Can repeat on the closed side.


Basico cruzado -> cross.

Parada of the cross, touching the ball of the foot with left foot.

Invite a pase, and leader pivot on both legs to face follower with parallel open legs.

Strong anti-clockwise rotation to lead a pivot + step backwards for the follower, as leader’s left foot brush to make the first sandwich.

Finish with another sandwich.

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