¡Hola! I am Eli, an Argentine tango dancer living in Hong Kong.

Argentine Tango

I have been dancing Tango Argentino for thirty years, as a dancer, choreographer, judge, and teacher.

As a dancer, I danced with the Argentine National Academy of Tango, and represented Argentina in presenting Tango to the world at the Shanghai Expo 2010 and Yeosu Expo (S Korea) 2012. In Hong Kong I have performed with the HK Philharmonic at the Cultural Center for their Astor Piazzolla concert (2017).

I judged and held workshops with Martin Ojeda at the World Tango Festival, International Tango Festival, and World Tango Championships.

Since 2000, I have taught and choreographed all around the world, from the largest tango school in Buenos Aires, to Europe, Australia, and East Asia.

In 2021 we opened our own studio in Hong Kong. Its name is Sentido; in Spanish this means feeling / senses. I think feeling and connections are essential attributes for both Tango and Gyrotonic, and useful counterbalances in our over-thinking, digital era where we are ever more isolated from ourselves and one another.

Gyrotonic / Gyrokinesis

Ever seeking to perfect my dance, I first discovered Gyrotonic in Paris. It was increasingly helpful to me, and I took the teacher training in order to be able to understand it more and to share it with others.

Since then, over the past decade I took classes with master trainers with different specialties all over the world. Here are some of the post-graduation specialties I am trained in:

  • Equipment
    • Archway (available in Sentido)
    • Leg Extension Unit (available in Sentido)
    • Jumping-Stretching Board
    • Gyrotoner®
  • Applications
    • for dancers
    • for pre- and post-natal
    • for scoliosis
    • for the pelvic girdle
    • for the shoulder girdle
    • for the fascial body

Vascular Facilitation Process

My lifetime of work is with movement of bodies. Along the way, I find that people, often despite their appearances, are suffering through pain and discomfort. By chance I met Kazutaka Ara, a fellow Gyrotonic trainer, while he was developing his own approach to augment training with manual therapy of the vascular system.

Some clients / family-friends have reported astonishing benefits, and I have deepened my study with Kazu, who had greatly advanced his understanding during the reclusive covid19 period. I am currently exploring and further developing this method.