Tango Lessons

Learn Argentine Tango. Beginner-to-Advanced Tango Classes with Internationally Acclaimed Teacher & World-Class Dancer from Buenos Aires. Private Sessions and Special Workshops also available.

Class Schedule

Wednesday 7:30pm Novice Tango
Wednesday 8:45pm Tango
Thursday 7:30pm Tango
Friday 7:00pm Discovery 1st time
Saturday 5:00pm Novice Tango
Sunday 5:00pm Discovery 1st time
September 17th 2:30pm Ladies study group
Choreography class and Workshops soon!

Class Descriptions

Group Lessons

You can book a class with the following tool. The booking system will prompt you to create an account as necessary.

Discover Tango

A 4-week Argentine Tango course for the complete beginner. Learn the basic concepts and movements of Argentine Tango, including the basico, ochos, tips for comfortable leading/following, and essential dance floor etiquette. Courses start each month, and Cantonese translation can be made available.

Tango – Novice

Ongoing sessions for new dancers. You will mature your dance by learning not only new sequences and adornments, but also how to relate to the music, your dance partners, and other couples on the dance floor.

A sample sequence from a Tango – Novice lesson.


Ongoing sessions for experienced dancers. Expand your sensitivity and repertoire. Explore different styles of tango. Immerse in the history, music, and culture of Argentine Tango with a lifelong milonguera.


A movement system that addresses the entire body. The GYROKINESIS® Method (禪柔 伸展) increases the range of motion and creates function strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences. This helped condition as a professional dancer, and I have been a senior trainer for a decade. You can join my GYROKINESIS® classes through your tango group package.

Private Sessions

In private sessions, I work with your couple to refine technical skills, trouble-shoot existing habits, or develop new techniques. I offer private sessions for one couple, two couples, or semi-privates with 3–4 couples.

Specialty Workshops & Invited teachers

I teach specialty dance classes on alternating Thursdays, rotating by theme each month. These include:

  • Stage Tango
  • Lady’s technique
  • Navigating the dance floor
  • Chacarera (Argentina folk dance)
  • Milonga (the music/dance style; an earthly cousin of Tango)

Twice-a-month I hold deep-dive workshops on a single Tango movement or concept. These are aimed at experienced dancers, and you’ll be surprised at how much there is to know about something simple like the calesita!

When traveling internationally becomes feasible again, we’ll invite in master teachers and dancers to Hong Kong to help broaden your experience.




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