Vascular Facilitation Process

Vascular Facilitation Process (VFP®) is a bodywork system that facilitates the flow of vascular structures including arteries, veins, and lymphs by means of gentle touch, attention, movement and collaborative work of the practitioner and the client. As a consequence, a client can regenerate the tissues in stagnant areas of his/her body, and improve the movement quality.

What do we mean by “facilitating the flow of vascular structures”? Vascular structures are transport networks, akin to roads and highways. They are essential to the proper functioning of our bodies but are under-appreciated. Indeed, vascular structures are often ignored until they are thoroughly fallen into disuse, and then invasive procedures such as stents gets implemented. In VFP, we — collaboratively between facilitator and client — feels out the stagnant veins, and through gentle pressure attempt to bring back optimal flow to the area. To continue with the city analogy, we work together to survey roads and bridges, to proactively fix issues that may be degrading access to a district or eventually become sinkholes.

Manipulation of blood-flow in veins originated with the Dynamic Manual Interface system of Frank Lowen, and Kazutaka Ara developed VFP® to incorporate movement (re-)education into this process. I studied with Kazu in Germany as a VFP® Apprentice Movement Therapist, and further in Japan after the covid19 period. There are about a dozen of practitioners in Japan and a handful of us outside; at the moment I am the only one practicing VFP in Hong Kong.

The way I conduct VFP is often as a therapeutic supplement either preceding or following GYROTONIC® training. In selected cases we can do a dedicated session of only VFP. Please inquire if you are interested.