I designed our studio from the ground up (pun intended) for the needs of Argentine Tango and GYROTONIC® training, and the result is a space that is at once cozy and fully-featured. We only do two things and we do them with care.


Argentine Tango includes frequent pivoting, and requires a slippery surface to protect your knees; stage tango, with its jumps, benefits from a cushioned landing. We searched and specifically commissioned a maple sprung floor that provides both of these features. Dance forever and feel good!

For audio, we installed multiple Sonos speakers, linked and tuned for the space. You can feel the music with both clarity and deep bass. The lights connects to the sound and they too can dance along with the rhythms of the Tango.

An ultra short-throw projector, tucked away inconspicuously, casts a 110″ image (full wall) and is connected to the sound and light systems. We use this both for visuals supplementing the classes, and for linking up with Argentine teachers giving online lessons.

Some training is better with a support than a partner (Jon: Eliana training her voleos is a sight to behold), and we have a sturdy barre for that.

Of course, what dance studio is without mirrors? Our studio have a room-wide full-length mirror.

Gyrotonic / VFP

We have 3 GYROTONIC® pulley towers, an Archway™, and a Leg Extension Unit. Each of the pulley towers are equipped with a Wingmaster. There are special GYROKINESIS® chairs, and Manduka yoga mats (“the black mat,” but blue) for ground work; bolsters, pillows, bands, massage table, and super-clean fluffy towels.


We have a change-room with a full-length mirror, and a hot/cold water machine in the waiting/lounge area. Speedy mesh Wifi. One spacious balcony overlooks Causeway Bay, an oasis of calm within the busy-ness. The back balcony is where we keep the washing machine (secret to the always super-clean fluffy Gyrotonic towels) and the BBQ.


The studio is 5 min walk from either Causeway Bay MTR (exit C) or Times Square (shown in the map above). Head to the tram road (Hennessey Road) and walk towards Wan Chai.

From Wan Chai (MTR exit A2), follow Hennessey Road for 10 minutes towards Causeway Bay.

If you come from Kowloon or New Territories, the studio is equally convenient. Take the East Rail (Shatin-Central) line and get off at Exhibition station (exit A3). From there, a series of buildings and pedestrian bridges helps you cross Gloucester Road. From there, head to the tram road (Hennessey Road) and walk towards Causeway Bay. The walk takes 8 minutes (for a total travel time of 30 minutes from Shatin MTR).

Cross-harbour tunnel buses often stop under the Canal Road Flyover, 2 minutes from the studio. If your area is serviced by 101 / 108 / 111 / 112 / 116… you may find the bus more convenient.